Significant changes are underway in the world of sustainability reporting. Companies are grappling with an increasingly wide range of international disclosure standards and requirements, while still trying to report in ways that are resource-efficient and improve sustainability performance. This half-day interactive training will demonstrate how to evolve your sustainability reporting approach through insights on three themes that underpin successful reporting strategies: standards, comparability, and measurement. We will explore how various frameworks governing non-financial reporting complement each other and overlap, and we will review case studies that illustrate both the lessons learned over the past 25 years and the best practices for the future. Participants will take away a solid overview of sustainability reporting trends as well as practical insights to implement back at the office. (Lunch: Noon-1 p.m. Training: 1-4 p.m.)

Who Should Attend

Experienced practitioners seeking to evolve and invigorate their existing sustainability initiatives, while anticipating and responding to future trends. This event is open to corporate practitioners only. Consultants must be sponsored by a corporation and represent that corporation to attend. Unsure if these trainings are applicable to you? For questions, please contact us at