Companies are facing an increasingly uncertain external environment, where the media, government, civil society, and the general public are expressing concern about business ethics, values, and strategic direction. The rise of hyper-transparency necessitates stakeholder engagement approaches that are dynamic, responsive, and interactive. This half-day training will explore how an effective stakeholder engagement strategy can help companies manage risk, build trust, and identify and develop new opportunities. Participants will learn how to deploy BSR’s stakeholder engagement approach and explore the full potential of stakeholder engagement via interactive examples based on real-life case studies. (Lunch: Noon-1 p.m. Training: 1-4 p.m.)

Who Should Attend

Sustainability practitioners tasked with creating sustainability approaches that support business success. This event is open to corporate practitioners only. Consultants must be sponsored by a corporation and represent that corporation to attend. Unsure if these trainings are applicable to you? For questions, please contact us at